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Wireless Accessories, Power Accessories, Cables, Interface Panels/Boxes, Adapters, Mounting Hardware, and Services/Agreements to meet your specific application requirements.

Digi Wireless Accessories
Wireless Accessory Kits, Wireless Antennas, Power Accessories, Mounting Hardware, SIM Card Adapters, and ZigBee (XBee) Adapters.
Digi Power Accessories
Power supplies, power cords, batteries, power terminal screws, and power adapter kits.
Digi Cables
USB cables, Ethernet cables, modem cables, serial cables, U.FL/RPSMA cables, Crossover cables, and more.
Digi Interface Panels & Connection Boxes
Interface panels and connection boxes for 4, 8, and 16 port AccelePort serial boards.
Digi Adapters
ZigBee (XBee) Adapters, cable adapters, modem adapters, USB adapters, console adapters, and SMA/TNC adapters.
Digi Mounting Hardware
Wall mount brackets, DIN rail brackets, Rackmounts, antenna mounting brackets, and enclosures.
Digi Services & Agreements
Digi Device Monitoring/Management Subscriptions, Digi Technical Support Case Packs & Annual Support, Digi Advanced Replacement Service, Digi Service Agreements, and Digi Transport Software Upgrades.
Digi Misc Accessories
Vent plugs, cable glands, slot covers, security brackets, and more.