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MultiPort Serial Boards

The makers of the original DigiBoard and the #1 selling serial card line in the world.

Digi Neo PCI Express multiport serial cards leverage an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to provide throughput speeds upto 921.6 Kbps, large buffers for data transfer, low latency and baud rate customization. These features, along with on-board surge suppression on each signal, PCIe compatibility and the low profile size, make the Digi Neo ideal for applications with tight workstation constraints and specialized server environments.

Support for the most popular operating systems and the variety of cabling options allow the user flexibility during installation set-up. The enhanced software monitoring and diagnostic tools ensure that the Digi Neo has been installed properly and is working at the specified serial port settings.

Digi PCI Express (PCIe) Serial Boards
4 and 8 port Digi Neo PCIe Serial Boards.
Digi Universal PCI (UPCI) Serial Boards
8 and 16 port Digi AccelePort Xem UPCI Serial Boards.