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  • Serial Boards

    Serial cards deliver reliable, cost-effective and high serial port expansion; multiple form factors are available. Serial cards will enable you to easily add RS232, RS422, RS485 serial or parallel ports to your PC or server.
  • Serial Device Servers

    Serial servers allow you to connect legacy serial equipped machines to your Ethernet LAN or WAN. Serial device servers make it possible to send RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial data. The following serial device servers offer reliable connectivity options in a wide variety of port counts and configurations.
  • Serial Converters, Repeaters, and Surge Protectors

    The differences between the RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial interfaces can cause compatibility issues for industrial communication systems. Serial converters allow devices with different serial interfaces to communicate with effortless ease. Serial repeaters are used to overcome insufficient voltage levels and extend the communication distance of serial cables, while surge protectors are used with serial data lines to prevent damage to end devices.
  • Console/Terminal Servers

    A console server is a device or service that provides access to the system console of a computing device via networking technologies. Most commonly, a console server provides a number of serial ports, which are then connected to the serial ports of other equipment, such as servers, routers or switches.