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USB Hubs, USB Isolators and USB to Serial Devices.
  • Advantech USB IO Modules

    These USB based Data Acquisition Modules are true Plug & Play devices. No more opening your chassis to install boards- just plug in the module and get the data. Advantech's USB DAQ I/O modules are widely used in demanding USB to I/O applications.
  • USB Extenders

    Advantech's selection includes solutions for extending USB 2.0 over Cat 5 cables, wireless technology , RS-232 connectivity, fiber optic cables and usb extension cables. These USB extenders are ideal for applications in security, medical imaging, point-of sale, remote desktop, automotive telematics, and more.
  • USB Hubs

    Industrial grade multi-port options to OEM embedded modules, these cost-effective USB hubs provide flexibility reliability and high performance.
  • USB Isolators

    1 and 2 Port USB Isolators.
  • USB to Serial

    USB to RS232, USB to RS485, and USB to RS232/422/485.