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Digi IX14
Cloud-managed networking for the Industrial IoT

Digi® IX14 is a rugged, secure and reliable LTE industrial router powered by an enhanced operating system that supports any utility or industrial application. Digi IX14 is ideal for connecting process automation controllers, telco infrastructure contollers, sensing equipment and remote data loggers. Digi IX14 includes a one-year subscription to Digi Remote Manager® — a web-based device management platform that helps operators reduce costly downtime and service calls, and can increase revenue by bringing distributed sites online faster. An intuitive user experience makes installation smooth and easy. Digi management solutions provide quick setup, configuration and maintenance of large installations of remote Digi routers and gateways, as well as third-party devices. Leading edge scripting and custom business logic using Open Source Python 3.6 facilitates custom edge computing. Because many IoT devices are subject to attack, Digi TrustFence® security is built in to protect your investments far into the field.
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Digi IX14-M301-BDL-S1 IX14-M301-BDL-S1

Digi IX14 LTE CAT1 EU, includes 1-Year Digi Foundations Bundle

ESP Price: $379.00
Digi IX14-M401-BDL-S1 IX14-M401-BDL-S1

Digi IX14 LTE CAT1 Sprint, includes 1-Year Digi Foundations Bundle

ESP Price: $379.00
Digi IX14-M601-BDL-S1 IX14-M601-BDL-S1

Digi IX14 LTE CAT1 North America (AT&T & Verizon), includes 1-Year Digi Foundations Bundle

ESP Price: $379.00
Digi IX14-M901-BDL-S1 IX14-M901-BDL-S1

Digi IX14 LTE CAT1 AU/NZ, includes 1-Year Digi Foundations Bundle

ESP Price: $379.00