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Advantech Serial Connectivity
Serial Device Servers, Serial Isolators & Repeaters, Serial Converters, Modbus Gateways, Serial to Fiber Optic Converters, and USB Converters.
  • Serial Device Servers

    Serial device servers enable RS-232/422/485 serial devices to be connected to a host computer over an Ethernet network quickly and cost-effectively. No extra programming effort is required. Serial device servers are especially suitable for remotely controlling and monitoring your serial devices via industrial Ethernet.
  • Serial Isolators & Repeaters

    RS-232 boosters double the range of your RS-232 data signal. Repeaters may be daisy-chained for extra range. Many CE computers, laptops, and some desktops ship with low-power ports that are unable to drive port-powered devices or full-length RS-232 cabling. RS-232 signal boosters amplify these weak signals up to the RS-232 standard.
  • Serial Converters

    Isolated Converters: RS-232/422/485 Wide temperature and power ranges make B&B SmartWorx isolated converters ideal for your harsh duty applications. Automatic Send Data Control, Modbus compatible. The RS-232 side has both a terminal block connector and a DB9 female connector; the RS-485 side has a terminal block. Requires external power supply not included.
    Non Isolated Converters: RS-232/422/485 These RS-232 to RS-485 converters are perfect for applications that donít require isolation or port-powered capability. All models include Automatic Send Data Control, eliminating the need for software modification.
  • Modbus Gateways

    Modbus Gateways act as an interface between Modbus devices and computer hosts running Modbus/TCP. These Gateways bridge Modbus devices to the Ethernet network and are a convenient solution to connect existing devices or controllers running Modbus/ASCII or Modbus/RTU to an Ethernet network.
  • Serial to Fiber Optic Converters

    The fiber optic converter is used as an RS-232/422/485 point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection for transmitting and converting full/half-duplex signals and their equivalents within a fiber optics environment. This kind of transmission offers the benefits of wide bandwidth, immunity to EMI/RFI interference, and secured data transmission. Fiber optics will be your perfect solution for applications where the transmission medium must be protected from electrical exposure, lightning, atmospheric conditions or chemical corrosion.

  • USB Converters

    These serial media converters convert RS232 and RS232/422/485 to USB. These converters let you easily build an industrial grade, long distance communication system with standard PC hardware.