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  • Moxa Railway Remote I/O

    The ioLogik E1510 Ethernet Remote I/O product has a ruggedized aluminum housing, and is compliant with EN 50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and essential sections of EN 50155 standard, both of which are essential for electronic equipment used in rolling stock applications.
  • Moxa Ethernet Remote I/O

    Moxa's remote Ethernet I/O products feature an embedded 2-port Ethernet switch for forming a daisy-chain topology, which is the optimal topology for distributed data acquisition systems.
  • Moxa Modular Remote I/O

    Moxa's universal controllers and I/O products use Click&Go control logic, which includes our patented active monitoring technology and support for a versatile set of OT/IT protocols, to help you easily configure, deploy, and realize IIoT applications such as energy monitoring, facility monitoring, and machine OEM applications.
  • Moxa Serial Remote I/O

    The ioLogik R2000 series RS-485 I/O is designed for system integrators to acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over RS-485 connections. Different types of digital on/off devices can be controlled, including proximity switches, mechanical switches, push buttons, optical sensors, LEDs, and light switches