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Ethernet isnít just for business networks anymore. More and more, you need to get your devices connected to Ethernet backbones and networks. Thatís why we offer a huge selection of rugged and reliable Ethernet devices designed with your demanding applications and environments in mind. From ultra-compact 5 and 8-port models that take up less than an inch in your crowded cabinet, to 26-port rack mount models for complex applications, weíve got you covered.

Most of our switches have options like single and multi-mode fiber optic ports, and wide operating temperatures for use in hot enclosures and sun-baked installations. We even add redundant power inputs so you can add a back-up power supply to keep your connections up and running. Ensure reliable communications and meet all your connectivity requirements with B&Bís suite of high performance Ethernet switches.

Choose from a wide selection of switches including managed, unmanaged, industrial grade, ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, multi-ports, PoE, gigabit options, and more. No matter your environment, our products deliver smart solutions that are easy to install, flexible, and cost-effective.