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  • JetCon 3401G Gigabit to Fiber

    The JetCon 3401G, industrial Gigabit Ethernet media converter, is equipped with a rugged aluminum alloy
    case with IP-31 grade ingress protection against damage by solid objects or dust. With excellent heat
    dissipation characteristics, the JetCon 3401G is capable of performing better than ordinary Gigabit Ethernet media converters which are enclosed by steel metal with various heat dissipation holes. Unlike those with a single power input, the real time redundant power backup on JetCon 3401G leads to the functionality of a real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with the non-stop transmission.

  • JetCon 2302 Ethernet to Fiber

    JetCon Series offers fiber converter and serial converter, expanding network through fiber optic communication and/or serial fiber ring to extend networking distance. JetCon can be configured as Switch Converter Mode or Pure Converter Mode for your convenience.
  • JetCon 1301 Ethernet to Fiber

    JetCon1301 is a compact 1-port Fast Ethernet media converter designed as small as a cigarette box, making it an ideal model that would physically fit into a chassis with limited space, such as machinery control box and duct assembly room. It also supports switch forwarding mode with abnormal packet filtering and pure converter mode for extreme low latency requirement – fieldbus and EtherCAT, which needs invariant forwarding latency in 64~1522 bytes packet length.

  • JetCon 1302 Ethernet to Fiber

    JetCon 1302 is not only a compact 2-port RJ45 to fiber media converter, but also a slim 3-port switch which is an ideal model that would physically fit in a network environment with limited space. The feature of fault relay alarm aiming to inform you whenever there is any port link down. Just move up the DIP switch, the fault relay alarm will be functioning! Single-mode and Multi-mode fiber optic ports meet your needs for long distance transmission up to 30KM.