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B+B Smartworx (powered by Advantech) (formally known as B&B Electronics / B+B SmartWorx) designs and manufactures data communications products for commercial and industrial applications.

B+B SmartWorx engineers and manufactures intelligent M2M technology for industrial networks. We provide robust, reliable, sophisticated connectivity all the way from the network edge to the network core, and we seamlessly connect multiple generations of data networking technology, from legacy serial equipment to the industrial Internet of Things. Our products ensure that every industrial device on the network can contribute its interfaces, resources and capabilities.

Having designed and manufactured data connectivity products for more than 30 years, B+B possesses a level of expertise that can only be acquired through experience. B+B SmartWorx technical support is well versed in every aspect of industrial data networking, and we are able to advise integrators and solutions providers at every step, from initial design to final installation.

With an installed base in excess of 3,000,000 wired connections, 500,000 wireless connections and 400,000 connected vehicles, B+B SmartWorx equipment already enables millions of M2M solutions.

Express Systems & Peripherals carries B+B Smartworx's full line of IoT and Network Edge Products, Ethernet Serial Servers & Gateways, Ethernet Switches Routers & Extenders, Ethernet Media Converters, Serial Connectivity, Wireless & Cellular, USB Connectivity, Remote I/O, Telematics & MRM Solutions, and Controllers & HMIs. Please call Express Sales, (800) 222-0172, for details and pricing.

B+B SmartWorx Advantech Products
B+B SmartWorx Advantech Ethernet Switches, Fiber Networks, Remote Automation & I/O, Serial Connectivity, Wireless Devices, Ethernet Extenders, and USB Communications.
B+B Smartworx Industrial IoT & Network Edge / Wireless / Cellular Devices
IoT & Network Edge Products, 802.11 Wireless Devices and Cellular Devices.
B+B Smartworx Industrial Ethernet Switches
Choose from a wide selection of switches including managed, unmanaged, monitored, industrial grade, ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, Rackmount, multi-ports, PoE, gigabit options, and more.
B+B Smartworx Industrial LAN Routers
B+B SmartWorx ERT 300 Series Ethernet Routers and SmartFlex LAN Routers (PoE Versions / WiFi versions Available).
B+B Smartworx Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers
Mini Serial Servers, Wireless Solutions, and Multi Port Servers with RS232, R422, RS485, and Fiber options.
B+B Smartworx Industrial Ethernet Media Converters
Managed and Unmanaged Media Monverters, PoE and FTTX Products, Mode Converters, Gigabit Fiber PCIe NIC Cards, and other Industrial Solutions.
B+B Smartworx IMC Industrial Ethernet Media Converters
Unmanaged Media Converters, Managed Media Converters, FTTX Products, Mode Converters, Modular Chassis Series, Power Over Ethernet Products, Telco Products, SFP Transcievers, and Management Software.
B+B Smartworx Industrial MultiPort Serial Boards
PCI Express (PCIe) Serial Boards, Universal PCI (UPCI) Serial Boards, PCI Serial Boards, and Serial Board Accessories
B+B Smartworx Industrial Extenders, Combiners & Gateways
Modbus Ethernet to Serial Gateway, Port Combiners, and Ethernet Extenders
B+B Smartworx Industrial USB Devices
USB Hubs, USB Isolators, USB to Serial, and USB to Gigabit Ethernet.
B+B Smartworx Surge Protection / Isolation Repeaters
Optical Repeaters, High Speed Data Isolation Repeaters, Non-isolated Repeaters, and Heavy-Duty/Single-Stage Surge Protectors
B+B Smartworx Industrial I/O
Serial I/O Digital Relay, TECO SG2 V3 Programmable Logic Relays, and Industrial I/O Modules
B+B SmartWorx HMI (Human Machine Interface)
RISC processor-based Control Panels and Industrial Touchscreen Monitors.
B+B Smartworx Accessories
Cables, Power Supplies, Adapters, Mounting Hardware, and more.
Company Info

B+B Smartworx (powered by Advantech)
707 Dayton Road
P.O. Box 1040
Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: 1-800-346-3119
Fax: (815) 433-5104
Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST) 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. (EST)

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